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I partner with adults, and teens who have ADHD to help them understand their unique brain-wiring. Our focus is on gaining awareness of who you are and discovering exciting new possibilities for success. Through our collaboration, you will shift from thoughts of hopelessness to feelings of empowerment, and embark on a life-changing growth process.

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"Julie is heart-centered, emotionally intelligent, compassionate, and has my overall success in life, as her priority.  She has supported me in creating strategies to work with my specific set of interests, gifts, and challenges.  She is a wonderful listener and I'm grateful for her guidance.  I highly recommend Julie as an ADHD coach!"   


-Randy Lopez

"Julie’s methods are so effective, I began taking steps toward my goals after our very first session. Having ADHD I always struggled with major procrastination and lack of focus.  I really felt listened to and understood. We arrived at taking actions that had me super motivated.  I cannot recommend Julie highly enough!!!"


- Melissa Farfuri

"Julie is empathetic, intuitive, knowledgeable, practical and professional.  Most importantly, profoundly helpful.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”


-Mathew Jacobson

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What is Coaching?

In the coaching partnership, the client takes the lead in determining goals, and with the support of the coach, discovers personal strengths and utilizes these to move forward and create positive changes. Coaching is very different from counseling, therapy, or mentoring. According to the International Coach Federation, the role of a coach is to help the client discover and clarify goals and aspirations, encourage self-discovery, elicit client generated strategies and solutions, and provide accountability to help individuals improve their outlook on life or work to reach their potential. For more information about coaching, click here to visit the International Coach Federation website.



Julie has also received training as a Life Coach specializing in ADHD. This training gives her the ability to help clients understand their own unique brain-wiring. Through coaching with Julie, clients discover not only the specific barriers created by executive function challenges, but more importantly, strengths such as creativity, humor, and leadership that become the fuel for positive change.

The Coaching Process

  • Coaching sessions - These weekly sessions are typically for 50 minutes. Coaching services are provided through virtual and phone sessions.

  • For a Free Introductory Coaching Session Contact Julie to schedule a 30-minute phone session to learn more about the benefits of coaching. You can get more information about the coaching process, and we can get to know each other a bit to see if coaching services are a good fit for your needs.