About Julie


I get it. I have ADHD, too. Growing up I felt so hopeless and frustrated that it was so much harder for me to do basic things than for everyone else. I struggled with feeling overwhelmed and disorganized, and didn't understand why I had so much trouble getting things done. When I became a mom, I wanted more than ever to learn how to become organized, be a good role model for my children, and create a peaceful environment. It became my mission to journey on a path of awareness about myself and learn how to accomplish my goals. My transformation has been so powerful that I felt passionate about helping others achieve what is important to them, as they become aware of their true potential.

Julie received her undergraduate degree from Boston University, graduating with a BFA. She is a mother of three and a competitive tennis player. She began her career as a Graphic Designer and continued her education at the ADD Coaching Academy, to pursue her passion as a Life Coach, specializing in ADHD. Julie volunteers time to ADDA and CHADD of Nassau County and shares information to help others understand the untold beauty of this complex and fascinating brain-wiring.