Child Psycholgist

ADHD in Children

HOW I COACH CHILDREN: A non-judgemental space is created for children to freely express who they are. Curiosity is at the forefront of my coaching, as I actively listen, observe, and gain understanding of how a child's unique brain works. Knowledge is gained through witnessing what they are doing well and what is enabling them to do it well, helping them develop awareness about their strengths, processing styles, accomplishments, and their environments for success.


The child becomes empowered to learn specific strategies and systems that will successfully help him/her navigate in environments that are not necessarily ADHD friendly so they can achieve their goals. Self-regulation is an essential piece of ADHD, so attending to the emotional component is pivotal. Understanding the whole individual is an essential part of coaching.


Through helping children with techniques for achieving goals, they learn how to utilize their strengths to achieve greater success academically and socially. They develop skills that enable them to work within a classroom structure, complete assignments at a given time, help remember to bring homework and permission slips to and from school, and to regulate themselves to be successful in group settings. 


Each time they achieve goals, they feel more capable. As successes accumulate it improves their confidence and self-esteem. This is particularly important for children with ADHD who are often misunderstood and seen as classroom disruptors and task avoiders because of their difficulties in areas of executive functions.


FAMILY COACHING: No matter the age of the minor, coaching is most successful when working with child’s caregivers simultaneously to educate them and help them understand the ADHD child. When the family is on board, they are equipped to act as their child’s well-needed support team. This can assist the family to provide an ADHD appreciative environment where the ADHD client can thrive. Family members will learn what consistently activates the ADHD person's brain and what can lead to daily success.