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ADHD Parent Coaching

A COACH PARTNERS WITH PARENTS who have their own executive functioning struggles or have children with ADHD. I provide encouragement and support when parents must face and manage difficult situations. It’s never easy for parents to see their children struggle, and it's even more challenging for parents when they are unsure of how to effectively help their children. I guide parents to better understand the ADHD brain and how to implement strategies that will achieve their goals. Many parents need support setting up structure within the home, creating routines, and understanding their child's individual challenges and strengths.


TOGETHER WE EXPLORE creative approaches to meet each family's unique needs. Attention is placed on ways to strengthen connections among family members through collaboration and deeper understanding. Less tension allows for more success with establishing well-needed structures, and bringing more calm to the home. 


I GUIDE PARENTS to help their children become more independent and to assist them in strengthening their executive functions, rather than to enable them. As coach I encourage parents to observe what their children can and can’t do today, and meet them where they are. Accepting where they are will allow children to feel more capable with each accomplishment. As they grow their successes enough to feel satisfaction, it will improve self-esteem. Having ADHD coach support can help parenting be more manageable and enjoyable. You can look forward to more peace, hope, cooperation and positive actions.