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Julie Klier – Certified ADHD Coach Long Island

About Julie Kliers

How I went from feeling overwhelmed to helping adults and college students with ADHD reach their full potential.

Undiagnosed until 46, I never understood why it was so challenging for me to motivate myself to get things done. My inability to start tasks, follow through and stay organized caused me to feel bad about my abilities, and ultimately myself.


Not wanting to see these patterns repeated with my sons, I embarked on a crusade to learn as much about ADHD as possible, and how to help – and that’s where my journey began.

Julie Kliers, AACC, Certified ADHD Life Coach

Graduating from ADDCA, an ICF-accredited training academy gave me the extensive knowledge and expertise needed to help ADHDers of all ages improve their executive function challenges. 

My coach training, combined with my own experience navigating life with ADHD as a wife, parent, and business owner, puts me in a unique position to help individuals with ADHD learn how to live their best lives.

I help people learn how to embrace their ADHD brain-wiring, conquer obstacles, and harness the power of their strengths. Each of us is gifted with unique strengths and capabilities. We are NOT our ADHD, and it does not need to get in the way and block our true potential and what we can accomplish in life.

Member of ADHD Coaches Organization
Proud member of the ADDA
Member, International Coaching Federation
Proud member of CHADD. Serving the ADHD community
ADDCA Coach graduate
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