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College & Young Adults with ADHD

Ways I support College Students

We work together to:

  • Support your transition to college life as a Freshman.

  • Strengthen executive function skills: planning, prioritizing, managing time, staying organized, sustaining attention, getting started and following through.

  • Establish healthy habits and routines to support your success.

  • Help you with a college reboot after academic probation or dismissal

  • Identify personal and learning styles, and how to use them to achieve success.

  • Rediscover your innate strengths and learn how to leverage them to achieve goals.

  • Learn systems, strategies, tools, that will help propel you forward.


Ways I Support Young Adults

We work together to:

  • Identify goals and actionable steps for a path forward in life.

  • Prepare for a smooth transition to independent living on your own.

  • Understand and embrace your unique brain and the barriers holding you back.

  • Develop systems, structures and routines that support your success.

  • Learn how you can increase productivity and motivation toward your goals.

  • Understand how to manage overwhelm, anxiety, and procrastination.

  • Identify customized strategies and accountability to help you achieve goals.

  • Reconnect with your talents, strengths and values and learn how to leverage them to create positive outcomes.

How Does ADHD Coaching Help College Students and Young Adults?

Coaching helps empower college students and young adults with individualized tools to manage their executive function challenges and reach their highest potential. The coaching process fosters growth, learning, and change over time. The coach collaborates with college students and young adults to help them build skills, identify barriers in their way of success, and discover strategies that help them achieve positive outcomes.

There are many transitions that occur in all stages of adulthood, which can exacerbate executive dysfunction. In a culture that isn't always accommodating to neurodivergence like ADHD, individuals with ADHD often develop shame about their differences and stress about how to move forward. College students and young adults benefit from learning tools, systems and routines to support their growth and success. 

Coaching provides an opportunity for college students and young adults with ADHD to learn about their brain and ADHD, improve their mental health and develop acceptance for how their brain works. Each small success breeds more confidence in themselves and their capabilities.

Coaching helps my clients grow in many areas of their lives:

Coaching helps clients establish new routines and daily habits, improve relationships, increase productivity and motivation, break through procrastination, improve organization, and manage feelings of overwhelm and stress, to name a few.

Coaching helps my clients build different types of skills:

Each client has their own unique executive function skills challenges they wish to strengthen, and specific ways that ADHD is impacting their life. Common areas that clients focus on include impulsivity, emotional regulation, flexible thinking, time management, organization, planning and prioritization, task initiation and follow through, staying focused, social skills, and working memory.

What is ADHD Coaching Like with Julie?

Looking to find an ADHD coach with experience? ADHD Coaching with Julie is an empowering process, that focuses on growth as a whole person. Clients take the lead and Julie follows the client’s vision and goals and meets them where they are now. With a customized, strength-based approach, Julie collaborates with college students and young adults to help them embrace their ADHD brain and get unstuck where executive function challenges are impacting their life. A safe space is created to help clients to reconnect with their innate strengths and values and align with their passions and talents. Together they identify obstacles in the way of success and leverage their strengths to arrive at new possibilities for achieving goals. With each step forward, clients feel less overwhelmed and gain more confidence in themselves and their abilities as they advance one step at a time with their unique brand of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

How Do I Get Started With Coaching?

The first step is to schedule a Complimentary Get-Acquainted Session.

Don't see what you are looking for? Please reach out to me at and let me know what you need.

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