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Coaching Services for Teens with ADHD

How Does ADHD Coaching Help Teens?

We work together to:

  • Understand how ADHD and executive function challenges are impacting different areas of your life.

  • Define goals and the weaknesses that are getting in your way.

  • Identify strengths and learn how to leverage them to achieve goals.

  • Strengthen executive function skill sets.

  • Learn systems, strategies, tools, that will help propel you forward.

  • Discover healthy ways to manage emotions and overwhelm.

  • Develop new self-care habits.


What is ADHD Coaching Like with Julie?

Looking to find an ADHD coach with experience? Through a customized, strength-based approach I partner with teens to help them understand their unique brain. A safe, confidential space is created for teens diagnosed with ADHD during coaching sessions while they discover the tools to reach their full potential. Gaining knowledge about how to achieve more success with their unique brain-wiring helps teens diminish feelings of shame associated with negative experiences and mishaps.

ADHD coaching for teens is an empowering process. I partner with them, meeting them where they are now, and help them learn how they can propel forward with their unique brand of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), one step at a time. Coaching is not just about schoolwork and grades, it’s about growth as a whole person.

Children with executive function disorders have an opportunity to improve their mental health while developing an acceptance of how their brain works. Each small success breeds more confidence in themselves and their capabilities.

During this stage in their life, teens desire more independence and being able to make their own choices and decisions. It’s natural for them to push back and get frustrated with parents who are trying to help. This can cause more tension and stress in family relationships.

Coaching provides an opportunity for teens to have their own space and collaborate with the coach to gain understanding and knowledge that can help them minimize stress and frustrations and improve the parent-child-family dynamic. The child gets to decide the areas that are important for them to improve, and learn ways to embrace their brain and strengths, building on skills and strategies to support them.

How Do I Get Started With Coaching?

The first step is to schedule a Complimentary Get-Acquainted Session.

Don't see what you are looking for? Please reach out to me at and let me know what you need.

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