ADHD Coaching For Adults

LIFE CAN BE OVERWHELMING. Managing details and juggling tasks at work or in family life, can leave us feeling ineffective and exhausted. Having ADHD comes with many challenges. Learning about your unique brain can illuminate new possibilities for achieving your goals. Adults with ADHD need support and guidance with challenges they face, whether it's with time management, procrastination, impulsivity, or a need for more structure in their lives.


HOW I HELP: I coach the individual and lead them to fully understand how they learn and think. Clients are able to develop an awareness about their unique brand of ADHD by identifying their nuances in order to manage it and accomplish their substantial goals. An increasing amount of self-confidence is developed through a deeper understanding of who individuals truly are and how to move forward in life with less stress and more productivity. With less anxiety, clients can begin to give themselves permission to live their lives feeling more fulfilled.


HOW I COACH: Our coaching sessions will concentrate on where clients are in life at the moment, as well as where they want to be in the future. We will form a collaborative partnership founded on trust and mutual respect for the sole purpose of reaching your individual needs, desires, and meaningful goals. I actively listen and contribute observations and thought-provoking questions that can assist in generating possibilities and identifying actions.