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Thank you for purchasing the VIP Package Deal for Alan P. Brown's  Crush Your ADHD Virtual Summit. 

ENJOY YOUR 50% DISCOUNT to my February 2024 Conquering Overwhelm Online Group.

That's a $100.00 Savings! (regular price $200.00).To register, simply fill out the form below.

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Join me for "Conquering Overwhelm," an 8-week group in a small setting (6 people) designed to help adults with ADHD get more done with less stress.

Tired of feeling like you’re constantly underwater despite your best intentions? Empower yourself with tools to reduce the overwhelm and take control.  


You’ll learn techniques to Improve time management, break through paralysis and hyperfocus, set boundaries, and more ways to help you show up like the person you know you are!

Can't Wait to See You!

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